Modest Tree Launches Xplorer 2.0
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Modest Tree Launches Xplorer 2.0

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 25, 2021

Modest Tree has released their latest software iteration, Xplorer 2.0, marking another step forward in evolving AR, VR, and XR technology for enterprise use.

FREMONT, CA: Modest Tree, a worldwide software developer of innovative immersive training applications and enterprise-wide digitalization solutions, has released its latest software iteration, Xplorer 2.0. It marks another step forward in evolving AR, VR, and XR technology viability for enterprise use.

Xplorer 2.0 is an enhanced reality (XR) content generation software platform that enables users to apply a drag-and-drop interface to convert their content into innovative XR content rapidly. It can be used for training, marketing, familiarization, sales, and more that can be experienced seamlessly in VR, AR, personal computers, and mobile devices. Developed notably eliminating barriers to entry and expanding ROI for industry, Xplorer 2.0 is the only platform of its kind that automatically offers cross-platform, multiplayer interaction.

Xplorer 2.0 is a timely response to a growing need across a wide range of industries. According to a recent VRX Industry Report, the recent change to remote working conditions has coincided with a 46 percent increase in enterprise adoption of VR, AR, and XR applications. Xplorer 2.0 was created with the sole purpose of making XR content more valuable than ever as a real solution for enterprise difficulties due to its no-coding UI, ability to use pre-existing content (such as 3D models), scalability across devices platforms, and built-in capabilities. Xplorer 2.0 and the associated ROI potential guarantees to make XR adoption more available to a broader range of companies, giving them unique capabilities to better position themselves in an increasingly competitive and challenging market.

"We wanted to open up the world of XR to those who aren't virtual reality experts so we could support organizations who needed a rapid and accessible means to develop, adapt, and scale their own AR, VR, and XR content," states Sam Sannandeji, CEO of Modest Tree. "Xplorer 2.0 makes it even easier for organizations to develop reusable, editable training and marketing content that cuts down on project time and budget, placing them in a better position to succeed in today's competitive environment."