VividWork: Driving Business through Augmented Reality

Jorma Palo, COO & Partner
With the growing buzz around Augmented Reality (AR), the world populace is waking up to a new world of exciting possibilities where ideas are brought to life through 3D technologies. The extension of AR onto mobile platforms is further fuelling their popularity and reach. However businesses, in general, lack the immense business potential locked in AR. Building on its experience in Virtual Reality, VividWorks redefines the business application landscape by enabling businesses to leverage AR for better results. Through its 3D rendering and online 3D web technology, VividWorks leverages the visual experience to enable business, customers, and end consumers to customize the products during the course of the deal in a seamless manner. “We implement AR technology to simplify product configuration, enabling users to enjoy enhanced visual experience from anywhere, anytime, and any device,” says Jorma Palo, COO and Partner, VividWorks.

VividPlatform, VividWorks’ innovative web-based 3D visualization SaaS platform, enables users to experience an advanced buying experience in real time. Currently serving the furniture and the interior industry, VividPlatform brings virtual objects into real environments in a seamless manner where the entire product catalogue along with customizable options is offered to customers. The platform supports marker based AR approach—which is used to align virtual data with the real environment—as well as markerless and live video AR implementations. Enabled with modules such as ProductComposer, SalesConnection, InteriorPlanner, and VividAR, VividPlatform streamlines the end-to-end business interaction for the furniture and the interior design industry involving manufacturers, retailers, designers, and end users.

By allowing users to mix and match various materials, and accessories in different measurements, ProductComposer helps users to materialize their imagination by building configurable, modular products in 3D. InteriorPlanner enables users to design their own floor plan and customize the furniture in a realistic full color 3D format without using specialized technologies such as CAD. The module allows customization of products from various manufacturers and brands.

We implement AR technology to simplify product configuration so users can enjoy enhanced visual experience from anywhere, anytime, and any device

Through VividAR, users can combine real space and virtual products with precise measurements thus boosting the planning and visualization capabilities. By adding virtual interiors to the photo of a room, users can look into the future as to how the floor plan would look like. With this feature, sales teams can improve their chances of turning their lead into a business deal.

Upon integrating SalesConnection module into their existing sales system, organizations can manage pricelists, accounts, plan campaigns, and social media visibility. This feature helps in coordinating with multiple stores and distributors in real time. “VividPlatform can be integrated to back office, enabling customers to place orders even through ecommerce platforms and social media like facebook,” proclaims Palo.

Businesses such as La-Z-Boy or Ekorness Stressless are using VividWorks’ AR platform to build more inventive products. An interior design community is leveraging the 3D platform from VividWorks to deliver greater customer service where they can create their own room plan in quickly and with ease. The user-friendly room planning platform can be accessed either from the website or a mobile app. Customers using this AR platform save cost as they don’t need to hire professionals for expert advice on room planning.

“There is extreme excitement as to how AR technology can transform people’s lives,” notes Palo. To that end, VividWorks is working on innovative technologies involving 3D camera and web 3D rendering as it plans to extend its solutions to diverse industries.


Oulu, Finland

Jorma Palo, COO & Partner

Provides immersive visual experience through its seamlessly integrated AR and 3D rendering technology as well as online 3D web technology