Vizitech USA: Revolutionizing Learning through AR Technology

Gen. C. Stewart Rodeheaver, President
In the early 2007, the Deputy Commanding General, First US Army—covering U.S., Guam, and Puerto Rico—C. Stewart Rodeheaver was tasked with a single essential endeavor—a better way to train hundreds of the young soldiers. To address the need, his team developed 3D, virtual, interactive and augmented reality training programs for the army, simplifying complex concepts for better learning outcomes. After years of experience in working on military projects, Gen. Rodeheaver established Vizitech USA to engage, excite, and “turn on” the creative capabilities of individuals through interactive, virtual and augmented reality programs.

Taking a modern-day approach to learning, the company builds virtual learning and training experiences for K-20 educational programs, commercial businesses, healthcare, and governmental programs. By creating intricate processes and recreating them virtually for an interactive, safe, learning environment, Vizitech solves the biggest conundrum of the “social education tools” outpacing the “traditional ones.” “Today, there exists a disparity between the understanding levels of different students. While some students are quick learners, others are unable to read at the same pace,” explains Gen. Rodeheaver. “The processes and teaching modalities provided through our 3D and virtual technologies have been tested in a myriad of areas and professions and have improved learning capabilities, and the students’ standard test scores by as much as 33 percent.”

Creating a virtual reality desktop with 3D glasses and a stylus that enables users to interact with a virtual object or environment, the firm’s zSpace is an engaging and exciting technical solution used in several career development and health care programs. “This tool provides a deeper and more complete view of complex ideas and concepts for subjects such as biology or history and offers an interactive platform to experience advertisements or articles in magazines,” points out Gen. Rodeheaver.

By developing creative solutions for everyday complexities, Vizitech’s key to success is to merge solid business tactics with a creative team.

While most firms focus on just augmented reality images, we at Vizitech build hardware, software, custom content, and live filming to create a comprehensive and effective learning experience. We are changing the way America learns

“While most firms focus on just augmented reality images, we at Vizitech build hardware, software, custom content, and live filming to create comprehensive and effective content,” says Gen. Rodeheaver. The company’s 3DAV Rover—a portable 3D theater system—projects videos, images, and interactive lessons into the classroom, offering top-notch, customized new content for an engaging experience.

As text books fade away and the need to create an exciting learning experience becomes crucial, Rover not only helps teachers immerse their students into a 3D learning environment but also guarantees a stable, simplified, and a highly interactive learning experience. As a case in point, in a university in Kentucky, Vizitech replaced a high percentage of their cadaver lab with virtual people. Vizitech’s virtual reality solution helped the optometry school reduce the number of cadavers, curb the amount of refrigeration, storage, and chemicals, thereby saving a significant amount each year. “This is a combination of education and industrial methodology,” Gen. Rodeheaver explains.

Strongly believing that “content is king,” Gen. Rodeheaver is on a mission to drive Vizitech to be a leader in the content development arena. Furthermore, the firm will continue to create novel products to simplify lives through virtual reality. “We have a plan, focus, and an imagination that will help us stay ahead of the competition. We just have to steer the business to be able to support this development,” he concludes.

Vizitech USA

Eatonton, GA

Gen. C. Stewart Rodeheaver, President

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Vizitech USA