Furious M: Creating a More Perceptive Virtual Reality

Daniel Kenyon, Founder & CEO
Well-crafted immersive experiences capture the mind and impact the brain in ways we are just beginning to understand. VR has the ability to revolutionize the ways in which people interact with entertainment, art, education, information technology, and even each other. “This revolution only happens when the creatives carefully craft VR to maximize the existing perceptive capabilities of the human mind,” says Daniel Kenyon, Founder and CEO, Furious M. Furious M is at the forefront of providing discovery and engagement for VR subject matter through content curation and audience micro-targeting.

Furious M aims to enhance the emotional impression that VR storytelling has on audiences. Kenyon explains, “By exploring the possible levels of immersion, we challenge the idea that while we may not be able to feel exactly what other people feel, it may be possible to get closer to another type of existence.” Furious M engages and interacts with interested viewers via social media, builds VR audiences, orchestrates content delivery, captures viewing behavior, and promotes to generate audience engagement.

With a growing slate of high-quality VR projects in various stages of production, Furious M distributes VR content throughout the entire entertainment distribution ecosystem. Using technology focused on distributing content segments and completed VR entertainment titles to global audiences, the Furious M platform aligns viewers’ interests and sentiments with specially curated VR content that drives adoption. Furious M develops and produces high-concept cinematic VR content that is created, written, and engineered to generate engagement from VR viewers. Through the utilization of conceptual innovation, the team incorporates technological advancements like emotional triggers that enhance storylines, promote engagement, and support VR series binge-watching.

Furious M is working with the EPFL, a neuroscience lab in Switzerland on a project that involves the study of perspective taking and embodiment in immersive storytelling. In immersive virtual reality, the experience of having a body is altered, often favoring the absence of a body.
Mario Kenyon, Head of Production
With the virtual series, DEFROST, a 12 part episodic, written and directed by Randal Kleiser and produced by Tanna Frederick, the spectator’s body is replaced with an alternate body. The project is expected to show a significant interaction between factors for the questions related to embodiment and self-identification. This will show that both immersion and perspective factors contribute to the feeling of embodying the character but in a mutually dependent way. The better understanding of the cognitive mechanisms of bodily self-consciousness has strong implications on how virtual reality immersion is performed. Mario Kenyon, Head of Production, explains, “Our objective is not to change the narrative structure but to provide storytellers with the opportunity to explore new avenues of VR.”

Our focus ensures that our VR content excites viewers and builds loyal audiences

Furious M is focused on an academic approach to helping people understand how the mind interprets VR and how to create impactful content. Kenyon elaborates, “We are developing a program that uses that data to map to the content. We attach psychological labels to the content and then search for the right content for each viewer. Our focus ensures that our VR content excites viewers and builds loyal audiences.”

According to Kenyon, their goal is to embed a cognitive perception of a concept, and provide the ability to consume the importance of that experience without being interrupted. “It’s the ability to have far and wide use of VR, AR and mixed reality technologies, to be able to monetize it so that creators, artists and educators continue to produce new and better content and educational material without detouring from the impact of VR,” states Kenyon.

Furious M

Santa Monica, CA

Daniel Kenyon, Founder & CEO and Mario Kenyon, Head of Production

Furious M creates immersive VR experiences that capture the mind and impact the brain

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