Edward Zemba, President
“Traditional models of Research and Development (R&D) are seen as a huge roadblock while building new products or enhancing the existing ones from an innovation standpoint,” begins Lingxiao Cao, CEO at NeoTrident Technology (Chuangteng Technology). “With digital/ experimental R&D models such as computer-aided design, it is entirely possible to accelerate product innovation processes, shorten the development cycles, and reduce the costs involved.” A provider of such a comprehensive research and development (R&D) solution set for life science and material science industries, NeoTrident Technology, has developed an integrated informatics platform with modeling tools to enhance innovation capabilities of businesses worldwide. Partnering with Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA, NeoTrident Technology assists companies in improving productivity and compliance, expediting product development, and overhauling product ideation strategies.

NeoTrident Technology’s scientific innovation lifecycle management software automates critical modeling processes in R&D and enables scientists to capture and access core scientific data sets. The automation process speeds-up innovation and reduces time-to-market intervals, providing clients with a competitive edge in the industry. This automated method is faster and costs lesser than the conventional practice of building sales teams to fortify the supply chain and boost sales while pushing products to the market. “NeoTrident Technology provides molecular modeling products and scientific data management solutions to increase the accuracy of predicted material property, saving efforts and expenses in R&D,” adds Cao.

NeoTrident Technology offers computational simulation and data modeling solutions to enhance R&D operations, process inspection, and accelerate production, bolstered by the sophistication of BIOVIA. For instance, these predictive tools help to design new drug molecules, invariably enabling researchers to identify and characterize lead compounds in drug discovery. In doing so, the identification assists researchers in constructing, displaying, and analyzing structural models of biological macromolecules and small organic molecules to accurately predict their properties.

NeoTrident Technology provides molecular modeling products and scientific data management solutions to increase the accuracy of predicted material property, saving efforts, and expenses in R&D

Besides, the tools help researchers understand the structure of materials by dissecting them on a molecular level, which enables them to carry out model construction and three-dimensional visual analysis of results. With quantum mechanical applications built into its offerings, NeoTrident Technology provides insight into such processes on an atomic scale, aiding bench scientists with content modeling while structuring the data effectively. In addition, the company offers a predictive platform to accelerate innovation while digitizing the data collection and storage processes.

Founded in 2000, NeoTrident Technology has garnered an extensive knowledge on issues faced by companies in the R&D and manufacturing stages while serving a diversified clientele across various geographies. To effectively comprehend such market challenges, NeoTrident Technology communicates directly with the CEOs, CIOs, and decision-makers, transforming their goals into milestones. Successively, a workshop is organized where the company offers solutions to mitigate product lifecycle management hindrances, which is followed by a second workshop to put forth business proposals to clients. In an instance, a petrochemical science research institute, specializing in petroleum refining operations, under Sinopec—a Chinese oil and gas enterprise—reached NeoTrident Technology to optimize their material design and production processes. The client was required to convert crude oil into refined products such as liquefied petroleum gas and fuel oil. NeoTrident Technology offered molecular simulation technology, assisting the client in establishing an advanced molecular simulation technology and R&D information support platform. This platform enabled the client to screen new catalysts and energy materials, discover and understand reaction mechanisms, and provide valuable data for the optimization of material design and production processes quickly.

Such innovative techniques allow NeoTrident Technology to enhance core competitiveness of research institutions and enterprises in China. “NeoTrident Technology will continue to empower theoretical as well as bench scientists with a model-based platform for a multitude of applications,” Cao affirms.


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Edward Zemba, President

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