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Spiro Yulis, Founder & CEO
Rapid innovations in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are creating new opportunities for businesses. Immersive content can enrich enterprise-scale applications ranging from three-dimensional product demonstrations to 360-degree views of training and presentations. Despite a steady increase in public awareness and press coverage of AR/VR technologies, most organizations neither have a clear understanding nor a well-defined strategy to leverage these technologies. Thus, integrating AR/VR in business applications still seems like a daunting task.

SkyArx is here to change the status quo. Summit, New Jersey-based SkyArx was founded on the premise that the time is now for the use of immersive technologies (AR/VR/MR) in business applications. Aware of the sheer lack of knowledge and understanding of AR/VR in the enterprise world, SkyArx initiates engagement with clients by clearing up many of the common misconceptions and educating them about the suitable AR/VR technologies that will be helpful for their business. “Clients value our consultative approach to delivering AR/VR technologies because we pay close attention to their business needs and provide solutions that exceed their desired outcomes,” says Spiro Yulis, founder and CEO of SkyArx. After the clients are familiarized with the technologies, SkyArx begins to tailor the solution according to their requirements.

SkyArx offers FusionCLIP, a proprietary technology that enables multichannel delivery and consolidation of AR/VR content on a single platform. Users can gather all their immersive media resources in a single location and deliver them to the appropriate, targeted channels such as web browser, smartphone, VR headset, among others. The company also offers content curation services through which it helps customers to deliver the right content that aligns with their business goals.

With its innovations in immersive content creation, delivery, and engagement on digital platforms, SkyArx caters to large healthcare systems, pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, biopharmaceutical firms, and medical device manufacturers. “The combination of volumetric video capture, streaming media, and AR/VR will help companies to gain a competitive edge in the market,” says Yulis.

Clients value our consultative approach to delivering AR/VR technologies because we pay close attention to their business needs and deliver a solution that will exceed their desired outcomes

A case in point, SkyArx recently served two companies in the pharmaceutical industry with custom solutions deployed for large medical conferences. To provide a “front row” experience of the keynote presentations to the viewers at home, SkyArx captured the presentations via 3D video and streamed it to participants around the world who were viewing through VR headsets and smartphones.

In another case, SkyArx developed an enterprise AR application to ensure better content delivery and engagement to its clients working for large healthcare systems. Traditionally, these clients delivered training content to customers and internal teams through video modules that paused from time to time for explanation and progress questions. To address the client’s need, SkyArx developed 3D content and new training videos which were incorporated into the training modules. The trainees can now interact with fully immersive training modules through their smartphone or tablet devices. The next goal of SkyArx for this customer is to enable users from different locations to interact simultaneously with the 3D training modules.

Looking towards the future, SkyArx aims to extend its service offering to other verticals. There is a strong spirit of collaboration among companies working in the AR/VR space, who aim to work with each other to create new and unique applications. In this scenario, SkyArx continues to take a consultative approach to educating and empowering more companies with AR/VR innovations.


Summit, NJ

Spiro Yulis, Founder & CEO

SkyArx combines AR/VR technologies with video streaming to create immersive experiences that resonate with audiences