20 Most Promising AR/VR Tech Solution Providers - 2019

20 Most Promising AR/VR Tech Solution Providers - 2019

In the ongoing age of digital disruption, enterprises are leveraging AR/VR technology to drive better communication and collaboration, design simulation and training material for employees to expand the skill level of the workforce, and address critical business challenges by providing an interactive and effective user/customer experience. In this evolving marketplace, CIOs and CTOs are slowly realizing the value-addition in transitioning from mobile to immersive computing. By means of a robust AR/VR technology solution provider, enterprises are changing the way they communicate, collaborate operate, and deliver their value propositions or solutions to customers.

AR/VR technologies are playing a critical role in introducing new collaboration opportunities, field operations, and customer service methodologies. Regardless of the industry—IT, Retail, Medical or Real Estate Tourism—enterprises are seeking AR/VR solutions that can be utilized for marketing, sales, internal training, HR, and other business purposes.

As AR/VR solutions become increasingly prevalent, developers will attempt to create immersive AR/VR experiences with cheap, but advanced, hardware forms—to facilitate the entry point of economical AR/VR applications—especially for budget-strapped small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and startups.

To help CTOs, CIOs, and CEOs pencil in on the ideal AR/VR technology solution provider, CIO Review’s editorial board has shortlisted a list of AR/VR solution providers that demonstrate innovation and sophistication. In our selection process, we looked at the vendors’ capabilities to fulfill the need for cost-effective and comprehensive solutions that add value to the AR/VR landscape.

We present to you CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising AR/VR Tech Solution Providers - 2019

Company Name

Company Description

8th Wall Provides a tool for creative developers to make immersive content with multiple device support
AiSolve Makes scalable, intelligent and adaptive VR and MR applications for entertainment, enterprise and industry
AlgoFace Offers AI-powered AR SDKs that enable makeup and skincare retail brands to develop virtual makeup try on solutions
Animate Objects Develops agumented reality products and gamifies venue for delivering superior experience
ARGO Augmented Reality Specializes in augmenting printed media with AR for retail, publishing, and print industries
Arwall Provides a wide range of products that are capable of turning any TV into an AR interface
Cleanbox Technology Offers modular solutions for decontaminating and drying of VR and AR headsets by eradicating bacteria, virus, and fungi in a short cycle
CognitiveVR Provides virtual, augmented, and mixed reality platform to fundamentally shift the way content is created and consumed
EON Reality Provides SaaS-based augmented and virtual reality (AVR) platform for enterprise and educational institutes to build, deploy, and scale knowledge-transfer applications
Igloo Vision The firm designs, develops, and delivers immersive 360-degree projection domes, cylinders, and more
Lightform Provides design tool for projected AR to create visuals using content creation software powered by computer vision hardware
LinkToVR A VR & AR solutions provider that offers in-house development to help organizations introduce their products and services using immersive platform
Motion Workshop The firm provides inertial sensing software and hardware products to bring the full-body motion in VR application
Ncam Ncam offers a complete and customizable augmented reality platform that enables photorealistic virtual graphics in real-time
NexTech AR Solutions Specializes in cross-platform, browser-based, plug and play AR solutions for retail e-commerce and e-learning
SkyArx SkyArx combines AR/VR technologies with video streaming to create immersive experiences that resonate with audiences
The Big Picture Machine The web-based product configuration company virtually designs complex products making it easy for the end-users to visualize the products in the context of proposed setting
Visbit The firm enables 360-degree videos and VR content to be easily streamed and viewed at the highest possible quality across multiple platforms
Wikitude Develops full in-house AR technology through its Wikitude AR SDK to enable developers and AR enthusiasts to achieve their project goals
Xennial Digital Offers a strategic set of enterprise-level digital services, such as UI/UX, mobile-first web design and development with a focus on VR/AR