Atheer: Realizing the Next-Generation of Computing

Alberto Torres, CEO
After mobile devices became a vital “tech extension” for business, enterprises are looking to maximize capabilities through recent technologies like Augmented Reality (AR). Gartner revealed that the practice of overlaying digital information on the physical environment in real-time will become an important asset for enhancing enterprise processes. Today the market for enterprise AR is ripe, but there are obstacles to overcome to realize its full potential. “These are still early days for AR and smart glasses. Customers can gain productivity advantages from the technology, but they need to address specific use cases rather than simply follow the hype,” says Alberto Torres, CEO, Atheer.

Atheer’ AR solution has two innovative platforms: AiR Glasses™ and AiR Suite™. AiR (Augmented interactive Reality) Glasses, is a revolutionary enterprise computing device equipped with rich visuals and mobile OS compatibility, powering hands-free computing for the “deskless” workforce. The Atheer AR platform works with any enterprise application seamlessly, by leveraging hand gestures, voice commands, and head motion tracking. AiR Glasses have dual vibrant see-through displays, a large 50 degree field of view, RGB, 3D depth camera, a powerful NVIDIA K1 processor, and an eight-hour battery life. This makes AiR Glasses a formidable smart glass experience for the most demanding applications.

“AiR Suite is a cloud based application running on AiR Glasses and other smart glasses (Vuzix, Intel/ Recon, ODG and Epson). Air Suite enables remote collaboration and task flows for industries such as Industrial, Manufacturing, Insurance and Healthcare,” says Torres. With AiR Suite enabled glasses, an individual can access reference materials, step by step instructions and communicate with remote experts via video calls. Experts can share guidance through real-time image annotations to resolve their problems quickly; all while keeping focus on the task at hand.

Atheer is working with various Fortune 1000 companies and SMBs to elevate the productivity and ensure safety of “deskless professionals”. This leadership in the AR enterprise space was recognized this month when AiR Suite won the prestigious Augmented World Expo award for “Best Enterprise Solution”.

AiR Suite is an extension of AiR Glasses, optimizing remote collaboration and interactivity among individuals from industries such as manufacturing, insurance and healthcare

Atheer has a diverse range of customer use cases. Flex, a world leader in electronics manufacturing, uses the AiR solution to dramatically enhance warehouse productivity. Flex is replacing their paper checklist and scanning devices with AiR Glasses. “It is helping them to streamline the whole warehouse management through AR remote assistance and inventory verification,” says Torres.

Masimo, a California-based manufacturer of non-invasive patient monitoring technologies, has also collaborated with Atheer to offer clinicians a novel display and interaction experience. By implementing AiR Glasses, Masimo intends to empower anesthesiologists to visualize data from multiple information sources and interact with the data using motion gestures while treating patients.

Atheer is also propelling the insurance industry in the world of AR. Insurance agents, wearing the Air Glasses, can change the process for on-site inspections. Whether it’s a remote factory or refinery, agents can ensure if the safety standards are properly met or if tools are maintained in a safe environment through a few hand gestures, while never losing time or focus on the job at hand.

To draw maximum value from AR, Atheer will maintain its focus on the needs of its customers. By helping them reinvent their operations and gain competitive advantage through the integration of AR - the next generation of mobile computing for enterprises.


Mountain View, CA

Alberto Torres, CEO

Atheer is the pioneer of AiR (Augmented interactive Reality) computing, designed to enhance the productivity and safety of “deskless professionals” at Fortune 1000 companies