Marxent Labs: Spearheading the Augmented Reality Revolution

Beck Besecker, CEO
Perceived as the technology of future, Augmented Reality (AR) is making its way in the marketplace by building a bridge between the real and digital worlds. Imagine a world where one can have the experience of attending a football game without actually being present, shop just by wearing glasses, or enter a gaming world that seems to be highly realistic—all without leaving the comfort of home. “It is augmented reality that will make this world possible. The future of everything from home renovation to medicine is tied to Virtual Reality (VR) and augmented reality experiences— and that future is bright,” explains Beck Besecker, Co-Founder and CEO, Marxent Labs.

AR experiences often depend on 3D models and the contributions of specialized 3D artists. The Kettering, OH based Marxent has an entire team of 3D artists who spend their days finding ways to take AR experiences from average to visually amazing through exceptional 3D art and animation. “We are not creating new demands, instead we seem to have the opportunity to enhance, and in some cases replace, classic visual merchandising tactics such as photography, store windows, and catalogs with an exciting 3D high-tech experience that is waste-free, portable, device agnostic, and has a limited footprint,” beams Besecker.

Marxent’s VisualCommerce virtual products platform powers AR and VR apps for retailers and manufacturers. Designed to manage infinite 3D products, collections, and configurations, VisualCommerce also allows brands to publish their 3D content to any AR/VR device. “We offer app templates and support for Project Tango, Samsung GearVR, Oculus Rift, Microsoft HoloLens, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, YouTube 360, and any other technology or heads-up display that come to market,” notes Besecker.

Additionally, VisualCommerce also leverages AR and mobile image recognition to connect print catalogs with consumer mobile devices. “VisualCommerce makes multichannel shopping easier and more fun for consumers, while revealing fascinating new data sets about how print catalog shoppers engage,” says Besecker. The platform integrates print catalogs with enterprise ecommerce platforms and features tap-to-buy shopping, product details and reviews, multiple product views, bonus content, social sharing, and the ability to add items to their cart without entering product codes.

The future of everything from home renovation to medicine is tied to Virtual Reality (VR) and augmented reality experiences

“We are proud to work with innovative companies such as Lowe’s Home Improvement, ToysRUs, Hologic, Simmons Bedding Company, Hammacher Schlemmer, and AZEK Building Products,” says Besecker. In an instance, Marxent partnered with Lowe's Home Improvement to create an experience called Lowe’s Holoroom to help customers better visualize their decision-making. Using an iPad app, customers could design a kitchen or living room, place cabinets, pick colors, and even move windows. They viewed the entire room in 360 degrees using an Oculus Rift DK2. Furthermore, it allowed customers to export the video to YouTube 360, where it can be viewed by family and friends in a Chrome web browser or using a Google Cardboard VR viewer. “Lowe’s is on the cutting-edge of retail, bringing our VisualCommerce platform to market to create meaningful virtual experiences for customers,” extols Besecker.

Marxent’s latest release of Holoroom is now available in select stores in the greater Columbus and Denver markets and will be installed in 12 additional stores across the U.S. in 2016. With several proven enterprise use cases for AR/VR through its partnerships with Fortune 500 retailers and manufacturers, Marxent’s VisualCommerce platform has distinguished itself as a unique enterprise-ready solution in the marketplace. Being successful over the past years in serving business with impressive AR/VR solutions, Marxent Labs has immediate plans to further grow its team to support the surge in demand for these enterprise applications.

Marxent Labs

Beck Besecker, CEO

Marxent offers market-leading expertise in the latest Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for Android, iOS, Oculus Rift, GearVR and more