Vuzix Corporation [NASDAQ:VUZI]: Bringing Intuitive AR to Businesses

Lance Anderson, VP-Enterprise Sales
Though Augmented Reality (AR) has been in the public consciousness for decades, these days, the technology is turning into a mainstream reality. Today, AR has matured as an internal tool to enhance enterprise processes and workflows across many industries. However, “CIOs need to determine ‘what is real’ and actionable today, and what is projections of future AR capabilities in terms of hardware and software,” states Lance Anderson, VP-Enterprise Sales at Vuzix Corporation [NASDAQ:VUZI]. “Enterprises should also understand the benefits of using AR-specific products and develop a clearly defined roadmap to stay parallel with the technology.” To help CIOs effectively leverage AR technology, Rochester, NY-based Vuzix is engaged in designing and manufacturing industrial grade smart glasses and other AR/VR head worn products that deliver ROI today, with a technical roadmap of products to enable the AR solutions of the future.

Vuzix delivers smart glasses and video eyewear products in the consumer, enterprise, and industrial markets. “Our products are android based wearable head mounted displays with an Intel processor, Wi-Fi, Blue Tooth, GPS, video camera and much more. They are mainly used in Enterprise use cases ranging from remote assistance in the field, factory, and warehouse for production,” says Anderson. As such, Vuzix’s products offer users unprecedented access to the company’s data sources in a hands-free high quality portable viewing experience. Vuzix devices come with an open Android 6.0 platform that enables developers free range to develop any number of applications with access to Vuzix clients via the Vuzix App Store.

Vuzix’s offerings, M100 Smart Glasses and soon to be released this summer, the M300 smart glasses provide access to information, data collection, and enhance existing workflows for the users. The Vuzix smart glasses can be used to record and playback still pictures and videos, livestream videos, host collaborative group video conferences, and much more. In addition, the unparalleled location services via GPS, accelerometer, gyroscopes, and other sensors provide positional awareness used for such things as pipeline maintenance and warehouse picking applications.The products include an HD camera that allows users to capture photos and videos, and store the content in onboard memory or stream it live. The company’s M300 smart glasses are an updated version of M100 and are designed with enhanced ergonomics, functionality and wearability.

Our products are mainly used in Enterprise use cases ranging from remote assistance in the field, factory, and warehouse for production

With features like speech recognition, touchpad, and gesture control, improved onboard processor, hot-swappable battery, water and dust resistance, the M300 enables users to navigate almost any working environment. “We truly believe that the M300 will take the AR market to the next level in terms of production deployment in volume,” affirms Anderson.

Vuzix Smart Glasses are known for helping companies save significant time and money while enabling seamless workflow, productivity, safety and risk mitigation. In an implementation highlight, DHL—the world’s prominent postal and logistics company—implemented Vuzix’s Smart Glasses with “Vision Picking” software for complete hands-free and paperless order picking. Additionally, the Smart Glasses were integrated into the client’s warehouse management and the ERP system to congregate the right packages and fulfill the orders. As a result, the customer witnessed nearly 25 percent efficiency improvement in its logistics operations. Smart glasses also reduced training period for the temporary workers and language dependency was minimal. “Many fortune 500 companies plan to expand the usage of our M300 vision picking technology in the U.S. and worldwide,” extols Anderson.

Going forward, Vuzix is focused on delivering products specific to customers’ needs. “We will offer hardware that will enhance productivity, bring greater ROI, as well as support enterprise plans,” asserts Anderson. The company also has several products in its pipeline and is planning to launch them in the near future. More importantly, with a focus on leveraging technologies like see through optical systems via the company’s patented waveguide technology, and incorporating efficient system design, Vuzix intends to maintain their leadership position in the wearable display space.

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Lance Anderson, VP-Enterprise Sales

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