Mackevision: Engaging Customers through Digital Experiences

Heiko Wenczel, President of North America
The development and progression of visual experiences in the film and game industries have always stimulated the imaginations of designers and engineers who sought ways to employ similar digital technologies to create the same level of visualization from their data. Games such as Need for Speed, Asphalt, and F1, which allow gamers to customize a car according to their preferences, for example, have captivated those in the automotive industry for decades with the prospect of incorporating such immersive, realistic experiences for their customers. This innovation was realized by a company called Mackevision, a global industry leader in computer-generated imagery (CGI). By eliminating the hindrance of space limitations and establishing an entire new spectrum of qualitative and realistic experiences, Mackevision connects businesses to their customers in unprecedented, highly personalized ways. As Heiko Wenczel, president of Mackevision’s North American division, explains, “When partnering with our clients, we create a comprehensive package of interactive content that delivers to their various needs within AR, VR, or any quality CGI experience.”

Mackevision undertakes a holistic approach to understanding the complexities of their clients’ needs in order to provide the optimal, most comprehensive solution for both their application and brand. The company focuses on data intricacies throughout the entire process—from preparation to visualization—thereby capturing every minute detail of the client product in order to present a unique visual experience to their customers. This affords customers the opportunity to experience a true connection with the product, all within an interactive and realistic environment. With a 360-degree angle view and videos of the product, customers can experience a virtual product “test drive” with remarkable precision and depth.

The foundation of Mackevision’s interactive and configuration technologies is its pipeline tools, which utilize all relevant product data to produce an engaging and accurate UX. “With our proprietary, industry-leading pipeline tools, we provide streamlined solutions that simplify the product complexity and distribution challenges that most brands face using traditional approaches,” delineates Wenczel.

We will always remain at the intersection of what’s possible and what’s extraordinary, replacing conventional visual content with next-gen experiences

The company’s CGI process generates high-quality content, such as 3D visualizations, animations, and visual effects, to render imagery and interactive experiences for its clients’ products. The product imagery is then accessible via a progressive visualization technology platform, fit for all media channels.

Mackevision’s innovation is no secret in the automotive industry. In fact, automotive brands across the globe have reaped the benefits of its visualization technology. Generally, Mackevision’s methodology involves first converting the product data into interior and exterior images of the product that are undistinguishable from photographic representations and then considering design insights to guide successful CGI experiences. In some cases, clients also adopt Mackevision’s software for the purpose of distributing, configuring, and controlling data complexity. In one particular case, with Mackevision’s software, an automotive company successfully created its own first point-of-sale system, which was both highly sophisticated and aligned to their exact needs.

With cutting-edge innovation always at the forefront of Mackevision’s mission, their recent acquisition by Accenture seems a natural progression as the organizations share the goal of focusing on linking data with visuals as well as creating “digital twin” experiences. These digital solutions, together with those formed by collaborations with various strategic partners, put Mackevision at the forefront of Extended Reality (XR) innovation. Moving forward, Mackevision envisions managing the entire value chain of consulting, design, creation, distribution, and external operation of digital visual experiences. “We will always remain at the intersection of what’s possible and what’s extraordinary, replacing conventional visual content with next-gen experiences,” concludes Wenczel.


Detroit, MI

Heiko Wenczel, President of North America

Mackevision provides 3D visualization, animation, and post-production solutions for automotive, entertainment, and consumer industries