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Mats Johansson, President & CEO The ticket to almost 8000 virtual objects that live in Oral Roberts University’s (ORU) EON library was just a piece of paper, akin to a business card. This drew students at Oral Roberts University (ORU) to be immersed in their studies, even those that never set foot on campus. Building its AR/ VR initiative on top of the EON Reality Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality platform, ORU could see its goal of bringing its curriculum to every student coming true. ORU’s new Global Learning Center is an eight-classroom building with more than 700 seat theater and an EON Icube—a PC based multi-sided Virtual Reality environment, in which participants can experience VR. Most exciting aspect is that EON Reality’s platform—a pioneer in developing AR/VR software enabled the university to bring an AR/VR experience to anyone with a reasonably good internet connection. The students only needed to hold the paper up to a smartphone, and the graphics card on the phone would “read” the library, enabling the user to open up any of the learning objects. Similarly, even the professors could access the objects and customize them, adding voice and text to create a complete lesson—anything from how to detect a disease in that eyeball to examining some ancient Roman ruins. All the results can be saved and stored in ORU’s learning management system to use again later or to share with others. All the end users can access these contents through a smartphone and that piece of paper, which is delivered via email.

The opportunities—be it children learning in a classroom, training tourism workers to spot potential terrorists, learning to repair jet engines or a terminally ill person visiting the world from their bed—are huge. Seizing these opportunities, EON Reality is creating a world where the forces of AI, IoT, AR, and VR would come together to propel human-computer interaction to new levels.

In a nutshell, EON Reality’s AVR Platform and knowledge transfer solutions is a key driver in reducing the current knowledge gap

Fast-tracking Augmented Reality Knowledge

EON Reality’s AR/VR platform empowers users of all experience levels to create AR and VR knowledge transfer applications. These applications can be later integrated with a wide range of add-ons, software products, and advanced development tools that extend their functionality to areas such as user assessment and geo-positional AR. The platform is developed considering the requirements of various industries like aerospace, manufacturing, medical, and academic institutions. Being hardware agnostic enables the platform to be deployed in a scalable fashion across a campus or an entire company while avoiding being locked into legacy platforms.

EON platform is a premier suite comprising of three products—Creator AVR, Virtual Trainer, and AR Assist. The EON Creator AVR is an enterprise and education content builder that empowers non-technical users to develop compelling AR and VR applications within few minutes. Usage of EON Creator AVR Enterprise no programming is required to empower workers to accelerate learning and improve performance, safety, and efficiency in the workplace. While in the education sector, teachers and students can create, experience, and share AVR learning applications with EON Creator AVR, and quickly and seamlessly add them to their current classroom. Alongside empowering enterprises to create captivating Applications, EON Reality provides a Virtual Trainer that allows users to administer training remotely via the web and collaborate with a trainee via VOIP, touch, or a mouse. Virtual Trainer technology is a catalyst to help trainees learn faster and remember longer with experiential learning.
Further, the company’s AR Assist is fueled by AI and IoT— enabling non technical users to attach AR 3D annotations to physical objects, and environments in the real world supported by EON IoT sensor data, EON Geo positional tracking, EON AI, and streamed data from cloud-based sources. EON brings in the connection between AR annotations and the physical world through AI based image recognition—for regular tablets and smartphones, or the 3-D scanning capability of sophisticated devices, such as Google Tango or HoloLens. The company provides extensive AVR guidance along with the functionality to workers and students to complete a complex task through visual cues and instructions. In case of any problem, users can refer back to AVR instructions with remote experts to get real-time assistance, with VOIP or live camera feed from the user’s device. For instance, using AR Assist, a teacher or a student can prepare an AR Biology and AR Physics Lab and link it, on the spot, to physical objects in the classroom. Annotations can enrich these AR labs with text, voice, video or objects from the EON AVR library, in subjects such as Chemistry or Physics. In a nutshell, EON Reality’s AVR Platform and knowledge transfer solutions is a key driver in reducing the current knowledge gap.

Platform for Global Adoption

Currently, EON Reality is focused on implementing its premium suite of AVR platform on a global scale. For this the company is partnering with governments, academic institutions, and corporations to establish private partnerships for state-of-the-art Interactive Digital Centers (IDCs) around the world. Till date, 30 centers around the world have been initiated in various locations such as Singapore, France, United Kingdom, and South Africa. These IDCs targeted towards four key areas—regional deployment of EON Reality’s AVR platform to accelerate knowledge transfer, a fast-knowledge factory that will develop regional focused AVR applications and services, an AVR school to build capacity for content creation, and a scalable and sustainable growth engine to support AVR initiatives. EON Reality is steadily marching forward with the aim to establish 100 such partnerships within 36 months.

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