The Big Picture Machine: Leveraging AR to Simplify Product Configuration

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Phil Hammer, Co-Founder & CEO and Pete Howard, CTO & Co-Founder
The next generation of e-commerce is here. Consumers, in this day and age, demand an in-depth understanding of the products details before they purchase. In this scenario, 3D visual configuration tools are an asset for sales teams to enhance customers experience by presenting their portfolio of complex products in a more attractive and intuitive format. Besides improved customer experience, the benefits include better brand cohesion, maximized ROI with analytics and reporting, increased conversions, and more. However, it’s a daunting task to enable product visualization in a truly customized way with the boxed and generic software available in the market. The Big Picture Machine is changing this narrative.

With 25 years of rich industry experience and market knowledge, The Big Picture Machine, is the coming together of experts from diverse backgrounds, skill sets, and knowledge base to develop a robust web-based product configuration platform. The web-based product configuration company virtually designs complex products making it easy for the end-users to visualize the products in the context of the proposed setting. “With photorealistic models that equal and surpass photography, and advanced Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities, our core configurator technology is well-positioned to assist clients effectively manage their content and distribute it in the most seamless manner possible,” says Phil Hammer, Co-Founder and CEO at The Big Picture Machine.

The Big Picture Machine provides Machine Core—a dynamic real-time tool that provides an image service engine to manufacturers’ websites assets. The product configurator technology assists manufacturers to extend products into the real world with an AR app. The platform leverages AR to deliver 3D models of physical products for an immersive customer experience.
The company provides a progressive ecosystem for both marketing and sales, by simplifying the visualization of complex product and business logic.

The Machine Core handles clients’ content from file to delivery, manipulating and displaying infinite amounts of product data. Powered by a well-balanced system of technical and practical aspects, The Machine Core is an expandable, sustainable platform designed for today, while keeping the requirements of tomorrow in mind. The scalability of the tool makes it unique as it enables the company to add and change products quickly with business demands.

A leading provider of auditorium and lecture hall fixed seating, Sedia Systems opted to partner with The Big Picture Machine after an exhaustive search for a new set of technology-enabled sales and distribution tools. Sedia Systems was looking for a technology solution that seamlessly integrates with its existing marketing systems, while shortening sales cycles, creating a delightful and immersive customer experience, and reduces time and costs of shipping product samples. The Big Picture Machine’s AR app with Machine Core’s capabilities enabled the client to provide a faster and more personalized configuration process, through which it became easier for them to visualize and personalize complex products options. The Big Picture Machine imported existing or new product geometry and product options into their proprietary Machine Core. The company also offered its User Interface Builder to brand the platform and differentiate it based on Sedia Systems’ company identity.

Moving ahead, The Big Picture Machine will continue its relentless effort for delivering a world-class product-centric visual sales tool. “We have built a robust roadmap after seeing a tremendous amount of interest from our clients for AR experience,” confirms Hammer. With aggressive international expansion plans, the company looks forward to entering the EU.

The Big Picture Machine

Chicago, IL

Phil Hammer, Co-Founder & CEO and Pete Howard, CTO & Co-Founder

The web-based product configuration company virtually designs complex products making it easy for the end-users to visualize the products in the context of proposed setting

The Big Picture Machine