Transmira: Monetizing AR/VR for Brands and Businesses

Robert Rice Founder & CEO
Location is the new domain name for brands and businesses. It gives context and relevance to content and is the fundamental requirement for providing meaningful experiences to the customers. By placing AR content into a location or sharing its VR space link, the brands and businesses can influence the customers to discover and visit the place, thereby not only driving the foot traffic but also offering immersive customer experience. Today, much of AR is limited to “scan a label and see something”, and the experience it offers stops there. On the other hand, VR offers engaging and immersive environments, but it tends to be more of a novelty with very limited use cases in commerce. This is where Transmira comes into the picture. The company’s OMNISCAPE, the first XR platform in the market, seamlessly blends AR and VR with the real world to bring a location to life. The platform goes beyond novelty “scan and see” AR apps and gives the consumers 3D branded virtual objects they can discover, collect, and then redeem for real-world products and special offers. These virtual goods can be geo-located anywhere in the world, linked to any image or video source, and the customers can explore the world map, discover where the AR content is, and find the locations with VR spaces. “Our platform is like Pokemon Go for brands and Google AdSense for location, but better! We are the first to monetize AR/VR for businesses, brands, and creators,” remarks Robert Rice, founder, Transmira. Riceis a passionate innovator and evangelist for advancing the state-of-the-art of interactive and immersive media, with a rich experience of 25 plus years in the XR domain.

Through Transmira’s OMNISCAPE, the clients can reach the customers wherever they are, with engaging and branded content. The geo-located virtual goods can be placed where the consumers are and drive foot-traffic to the brick-and-mortar location for redemption and transaction. No other AR advertising does this. OMNISCAPE works with the clients to create campaigns and link offers to 3D virtual goods for their brand and products. The branded 3D virtual goods can be distributed anywhere, randomly, or at specific locations. Wherever the client’s ideal customers are, OMNISCAPE can target those locations. “We work with businesses and brands to get the word out, leveraging social media, and viral outreach. Users go on the hunt, having fun discovering, collecting, and trading virtual goods,” says Rice.

For instance, a person receives a notification on his mobile phone, and on opening it, he finds a 3D coffee cup with an ad offer. The ad guides him to touch the cup, go to the concerned coffee shop and redeem it for an actual cup of coffee, for free. This person has just become a potential customer for the coffee shop. Along with a cup of coffee, he may also buy some muffins or other eatables from there. This became possible because the person found the coffee cup in the vicinity of the coffee shop. This potential customer has happily turned into a loyal customer for the coffee shop.

And if the customer does not like coffee, he can transfer the virtual coffee cup over OMNISCAPE or other social media, to his friends who like coffee, and they can approach the shop counter and redeem their beverage. “Each interaction is another impression, and each virtual product makes its way to your ideal customer, driving them to a transaction,” states Rice.

Our platform is like Pokemon Go for brands and Google AdSense for location, but better! We are the first to monetize AR/VR for businesses, brands, and creators

Besides, the coffee shop may be competing with local fast-food joints. With OMNISCAPE, the client can place all those 3D coffee cups in all those locations. It gives the coffee shop the opportunity to reach out and engage with their competitors’ audiences.

Within OMNISCAPE, all the features are designed to increase sales and revenues from transactions. This, combined with comprehensive analytics, provable ROI, and new customers, is a winning model for businesses and brands. The XR platform tracks everything on blockchain from discovery and first impression to redemption and transaction, making it possible to validate and prove ROI on ad and marketing spend for the first time ever.

Any place in the world can have its own Virtual Reality space with OMNISCAPE. It is easy to have one’s own private VR for one’s house, dorm, office, or business and share it with friends and co-workers. For example, the XR platform’s productive use could be that if a child is learning disabled or frightened, who is supposed to talk to a law enforcement officer regarding a crime or a similar situation. In normal circumstances, it is highly unlikely that the kid would talk to the officer at all. In that case, the officer can log into OMNISCAPE and choose an avatar like Dora the Explorer, or Barney the dinosaur, and then interact with a child in an AR kind of environment, at his level in a way that he could relate to. This way, it is a lot easier both for the officer and the child to talk. Such usage of OMNISCAPE could easily be extended for education and more.

Transmira has also been taking the cognizance of the current corona pandemic, and its effect on brick and mortar businesses. With social distancing in place, it is a huge pain point for brands and businesses to engage with workers and workers to engage with the customers. OMNISCAPE can resolve this by enabling the virtual presence of the concerned people in the facilities. And when the pandemic ends, there’s a need to get people to the stores and hotels. Here, OMNISCAPE can help the clients reach out to the customers to make them feel comfortable in visiting their locations.

Speaking about the plans for the future of his North Carolina based company, Rice says, “I’m a huge fan of collaboration and working together.” He maintains that the partnerships would make Transmira a bigger challenger for its competitors. Thus, he is in favor of building long-term partnerships with his customers and partners. “We have a holistic view - monetization, location, and expanding our capabilities with our partnerships,” concludes Rice.


Raleigh, NC

Robert Rice Founder & CEO

Founded in 2014, Transmira monetizes Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, by connecting brands, businesses, and consumers. It goes beyond novelty “scan and see” AR to deliver content and amazing experiences anywhere in the world, linked to location. The company works to ensure that paid content placed at a geo-location that the client has claimed would result in a revenue share for the client. The team at Transmira utilizes location to provide its clients, unprecedented results.